Self Storage Unit Sizes

Small Storage Units

Our small units are 2.3m deep x 1.2m wide x 2.4m high (7.5ft x 4.0ft x 7.8ft). In terms of the volume this would correspond to two to three red phone boxes. This size unit is ideal for families or individuals who need to store the contents of a room whilst it is being decorated, or to declutter the home whilst it is being sold. In a business context our small unit can store items of equipment, items of office furniture, small volumes of archives, tools and stock.

“Five Star service going on ten! The staff can not be more courteous, more helpful and more supportive. I have been to my units every day for the last six weeks so have a consistent view on the how well everyone is treated. I’ve had seven different units and they have all been first class! I’ve been with the company over two years and I can not recommend them highly enough. ”

Andrea B